Dailey With Bailey


Who I Am

I am a social media and digital marketing expert with experience in broadcast journalism, higher education, publishing, and healthcare. My work has been featured in USA Today and managed accounts numbering in the top social accounts in the country. 

My Why

Walt Disney knew what doing the impossible was all about. A simple guy from the Midwest that was able to build a foundation for the happiest place on earth. I am also a Midwest native dreaming big dreams. I expect to do the impossible by making those dreams come true. What is a Missouri girl doing by trying to make an impact on the digital landscape, if not impossible?

There has always been something within me crying to pursue greatness. I am not sure that it requires me to be great. The greatest people are those who are able to shine the spotlight on others. Everyone has a story of how they have overcome the impossible. Some stories are more dramatic and dynamic than others, but there is always something great lurking under the surface of every person. 

I began a journey into storytelling to find the other impossible dreamers of the world and allow the world to grow through their experiences. 

What story will you tell?